Want to know more?

BINKS is so much more than 'just a salon' there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that we're extremely proud of!

We believe that no two heads should look the same, when it comes to colouring, each service is completely tailored to the clients individual needs. Every formula and hair care routine is totally bespoke so that everyone can be their true, authentic selves! Whilst we don't believe in 'copy and pasting' hair, your hair health is our main priority and will be the focus of every service! because otherwise, what's the point?

Other than hair, our main focus is the environment! *cue the yawns* Whatever you may think, our planets health is very important and after years of abuse, she's suffering. You may not of thought it, but hair salons generate a lot of waste. from energy and water waste to chemical, toxins and packaging waste. it is the mission of BINKS to cut these factors down as much as we possibly can! We are constantly reassessing our procedures and making the necessary changes to reduce our carbon footprint and still deliver high-end fashionable hair, because there really is no planet B!


Pricing Structure

You will see that we are a gender neutral salon. This simply means that we think that is is unfair to charge services based on your gender. You shouldn't have to pay more for your hair just because you're a male or female. So instead, we base the prices on the length of time each service takes.

As well as being gender neutral, we have also tiered the pricing system. The different tiers are based on the stylists level of experience, take a look at the 'price list' page to see the different options we can offer.

**(this only applies to the employees of BINKS)**


The Team Structure

You will notice that the salon has many more stylists working within the salon that aren't listed in the price lists. This is because we have both, self employed and employed stylist that work within BINKS. Some people prefer the stability and ease of working for an employer, whilst others prefer to have the flexibility of being their own boss. This means that there are no limits and we can create work for all kinds of stylists. 

However, this does mean that the prices, hours, gift cards and payments will be determined and taken by the self employed members. So don't be alarmed if you're asked to pay on a separate card reader, or that your stylist works on a different day with a different structure.

That being said, we really are one big team, and support each other like a second family 🐝