Our commitment to being Green




the environment! *cue the yawns* Whatever you may think, our planets health is very important and after years of abuse, she's suffering. You may not of thought it, but hair salons generate a lot of waste. from energy and water waste to chemical, toxins and packaging waste. it is the mission of BINKS to cut these factors down as much as we possibly can! We are constantly reassessing our procedures and making the necessary changes to reduce our carbon footprint and still deliver high-end fashionable hair, because there really is no planet B!


Our commitment to being Green

One of our core values is to be a sustainable salon; to create beautiful work whilst leaving the least amount behind as we can. Hairdressing is tough on the planet as we use a lot of chemicals and there is a lot of waste produced from our work.

We've joined the Green Salon Collective who help us recycle the majority of our salon waste, including hair-cuttings, metals, our PPE and towels. What waste isn't sent to them to be repurposed, is recycled locally.

The retail we sell is pro active, eco-ethical brand weDo. Owned by Wella, weDo have ensured their packaging is responsibly sourced and fully recyclable. The product ingredients are between 93%-97% naturally derived, so better for your hair, skin and plug hole.

Although we are making a good effort with our sustainabitlity, there's always room for improvement. If you have any suggestions for us or recommendations, please let us know!