COVID-19 Procedures


I think its safe to say that the Coronavirus Pandemic has hit us all hard, we’ve all suffered one way or another. Unfortunately, it’s clear that life won’t be the same for a while. We’re all doing our bit by social distancing, wearing gloves, masks and washing our hands wherever possible. It’s not just our personal lives that are affected by these new routines, businesses too will need change the way they operate to ensure the safety of you and also the staff members and their families. 


In this document, I have set out a list of procedures on how BINKS Hair Studio plans to operate again post lock down. I hope that it gives you peace of mind that we are doing our upmost best to avoid the risk of spreading infection. I ask that you take a read, and follow the new procedures before, during and after visiting the salon to ensure your safety.


What are we doing?



  • Masks will be worn during appointments, will be changed or washed after each shift, or if skin contact has been made to the front of the mask.

  • Aprons will be used at all times, and wiped down with disinfectant in-between each clients. Aprons will not be removed from the salon during shifts and will be washed after each day.


Hand washing:

  • Before we leave for work

  • Once we enter the salon

  • After we have come in contact with; the computer system, staff room, kitchen or toilet.

  • In between every client.


Cleaning regime:

  • The salon will be deep cleaned after every shift with disinfectant, paying close attention to surfaces, wash basins the bathroom, kitchen and chairs.

  • Work stations will be thoroughly cleaned in between each client

  • Wash basins will be thoroughly cleaned in-between every hair wash.

  • Tools used during each service will be disinfected and cleaned before being used again.


Social distancing:

  • Tape will be measured at 2m distances on the floor for queuing at reception.

  • Stylists will not work next to each other, and will be spaced out at safe distances.

  • Basins will be separated with screens

  • Stylists will only take payments at work stations and will make appointments from a safe distance either from their phones or the salon computer if not already in use. 

  • Stylist will not be working back-to-back. Working only on one client at a time.

  • Limited amount of stylists will be aloud to work at any one time.


What we ask of you?

Please do not enter the salon if you are at all ill or showing any kind of symptoms, we understand that you are desperate to have your hair done, but your health and the stylists health are far more important.

Please arrive with your own face masks on, making sure that it is covering the whole of your mouth, up to the bridge of your nose.

Pay by contactless if you can, if you cant, every card machine will be disinfected between each use anyway! We are accepting cash should you need to!

Due to the risk of contamination, we will not be offering our full list of refreshments. Water will be available in the reception area with eco friendly, disposable cups.

Please only arrive alone, to help reduce the number of people in the salon at one time.

Please only arrive on time, to avoid having to sit in the waiting area for too long in close proximity with other clients. Or if you feel more comfortable, wait outside until your stylist lets you know they are ready,

Please only enter the salon if you have an appointment. Requests for new appointments must only be made over the phone.


Due to a revised cleaning regime and only being able to work on one client at a time, it will mean that our timings will be very different to how they were before the pandemic. Please also note, not all stylists will be able to work at the same time any longer, this will mean that shifts will be spread out over the week and rotated fairly. This will result in stylists only being able to see a smaller number of clients per day, which may also mean that there will be a delay with getting everyones appointments back on track.

I understand the new procedures are extensive, however it is very important to follow these new rules in order for us to remain open in a safe environment. We all have a role to play for a while.